Studio Basics

  1.   Good sounds at the source and a great performance are the keys to a great sounding recording. 
  2.   Music is about the communication between the musicians and not the perfection of the note or note placement.  So help the band LISTEN to each other and get a great blend in the room.  The best headphone (or room) mix is when they can hear each other and nobody is too loud.  Remind everyone to play to the room, not to their ego.
  3.   Remember to remind the musicians to TUNE their instruments and turn off their electronics.
  4.   Label and Document everything
  5.   Save and Backup Often!
  6.   A CLEAN Studio environment makes the day more comfortable and creative.  Clean up when you’re done with the day so that the next day can start fresh and new.
  7.   Know ALL the gear in the Studio and Control Room.  Amps, Guitars, Drums and cymbals all sound different.  Mics, preamps, compressors, and EQ all sound different and work differently.  Learn what everything does!  ASK Questions!
  8.   Know how to properly hook up and use ALL the gear in the Studio and Control Room.  Treat everything properly and it will last a long time!
  9.   Know what maintenance needs to be done and when.  And do it!
  10.   People in the Control Room not working, PLEASE make sure you are not distracting the engineer.
  11.   Treat everything with respect!
  12.   Remember that making music is fun!