“A” Room Gear

The “A” Room at Itchy Brain Recording was designed in the 90’s and has seen some great acts recording in it during its tenure as a recording studio.  The Studio sounds great for any project and can be rearranged to fit the sound the record or artist needs.  Currently the “A” Room features the following equipment in the Control Room.

TRIDENT Series 24 28x24x24 Analog Console

Yamaha NS10M near field monitors
Tannoy PBM-8 mid field monitors
Yamaha HS80M mid field monitors
UREI 811C Main Monitors

Studer/Revox PR99 2 Track Tape Recorder
12-Core Dual Boot MAC/PC with all major DAW Applications on both
2 UAD Apollo 16 Silver Interfaces (32 input @192Khz)

Selected UAD plugins
Selected Waves Plugins

Outboard Gear/Pre Amps:
Steven Slate VMS-ONE
PreSonus Tube Pre (modified)
2-ART Dual MP Tube Pres (mofdified)
RSP Technologies 2 Channel Tube Saturator
Joe Meek VC-3
Studio Projects VTB-1
dbx 760a 2 channel mic pre
RSP Technologies 2 Channel Tube Saturator
BBE 882 Sonic Enhancer
Lexicon MPX-200 Multi Effects Processor
Behringer Virtualizer
Aliesis 3630 (modified)
DBX 166
DBX 266xl

You can easily add your choice of outboard gear thru our balanced 1/4″ patchbay system.  So use just ours or bring your own, borrow someones or rent it, we are setup to be easy to interface with.

Any equipment damaged by client misuse, mistreatment or abuse, by the client or their entourage, shall be the responsibility of the client and compensation shall be made to Itchy Brain Recording, before any recorded material leaves the building.