“B” Suite Gear

The “B” Suite here at Itchy Brain Recording is set up for pre-production, post-production, editing and mixing.  With a small isolation booth for cutting vocals and or guitar amps it’s the perfect small room with a GREAT vibe to get those smaller projects done with some great Engineers who know how to use the gear and get the sound you’re looking for.

UAD Apollo Twin Interface
MAC Mini Featuring all major DAW Applications
Hafler M5 near field monitors
Adam A7 near field monitors
Yamaha HS80 mid field monitors
M-Audio ES61

Featuring Mercury Platinum Package and Select UAD plugins

Any equipment damaged by client misuse, mistreatment or abuse, by the client or their entourage, shall be the responsibility of the client and compensation shall be made to Itchy Brain Recording, before any recorded material leaves the building.