Marshall Coats

Engineer and Producer Marshall Coats is the seasoned professional.  As a touring and studio musician Marshall has worked with many well known artists and bands locally, nationally and internationally.  Marshall has also produced/co-produced and engineered a number of records local Atlanta bands and artists.

As a professional music and voice teacher Marshall brings extensive expertise in vocal production and arrangements, as well as, a complete knowledge of orchestration and musical arranging to Itchy Brain Recording.  With that background Marshall is able to assist you from scratch, or by just adding the right part to help fill your song out.  His natural ability makes him an expert in pitch correction and he has an uncanny ear for guitar tones. In addition, his impressive resume includes production credits for sound design, writing and original music scoring for some highly recognizable names.

Marshall is now tracking, producing and mixing projects here at Itchy Brain Recording.  He also brings a FULL spectrum of scoring, production and songwriting services that are also available through Itchy Brain Recording.