Sheff “Dizzle” Morrison

Engineer and Producer Sheff Dizzle is the seasoned professional behind the online audio mixing service, “Sheff’s Mixing Kitchen.” He’s been serving the perfect mix to independent media creators for more than a decade, with clientele spanning the globe from Chicago to Atlanta, Yugoslavia to South Africa and everywhere in between.

Sheff’s music career began on the other side of the boards as a musician (bass and lead guitar) and rap artist in Philadelphia during the late 90s. This experience planted the seeds that eventually grew into his ultimate passion for the study of sound and frequency and marked the beginning of a very successful career as a mixing engineer.

Shortly after relocating to Atlanta from Philadelphia, Sheff began studying under the tutelage of award-winning mastering engineer Grammy Judge Earle Holder of HDQTRZ Studios, Atlanta’s premier one-stop shop for audio mixing and mastering.

Sheff brings extensive expertise in vocal pitch correction and an uncanny ear for modeling guitars. In addition, his impressive resume includes production credits for sound design, writing and original music scoring for some highly recognizable names. In addition, Sheff is returning to tracking projects here at Itchy Brain Recording and he brings a FULL spectrum of production and songwriting services also available through Itchy Brain Recording.

Numerous testimonials speak volumes of Sheff’s professionalism, exceptional customer service and strict attention to not only the technical details of the mix, but equally to the client’s creative vision for the project. He continues to build a solid reputation as a world-class mixing engineer and welcomes the opportunity to work with new clients from a diverse range of genres and project types.

If your audio engineer doesn’t give you a mix that:

  • makes the melody float in mid-air;
  • makes the bass a road for drums to walk on;
  • makes a kick that hits you in the solar plexus;
  • creates vocals that make it feel like the singer is right in the room with you;
  • and brings balance and clarity while exploiting the groove to the max…
    …then you shouldn’t trust your audio with anyone other than Sheff Dizzle.