Steve Waide

         Studio Manager/Chief Engineer, as well as, a Co Owner Of Itchy Brain Recording, Steve Waide was born in Alabama, raised in Delaware, spent some time in Tennessee and eventually choosing Atlanta to settle in 1989.

Steve has been involved in the music industry as a player, sound engineer and recording engineer for over 45 years. Combined with his Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and an MBA in Information Technology Steve understands the ins and outs of recording from both the artistic aspect and a technical one too. The experiences gained in 40+ years of playing and recording music, combined with his 40+ years of electronics and 16 years as a programmer/network analyst/computer engineer have made Steve a go to Audio Engineer in Atlanta.

Steve got into the professional recording aspect of the business while doing his first record in 1976 after winning a battle of the bands competition. In those days Steve learned basic recording techniques with 4-track and 8-track (16’s and 24’s in the bigger rooms) reel to reels. By 1984, after a short stint in the Navy, Steve was playing and recording demos with various bands in Nashville. It was then that Steve had the privilege of working in some of the studios on Music Row and was able to learn tricks of the trade from some of the best engineers and producers in Nashville.  After a short hiatus Steve returned to the recording world in 2003 and formally ran Big Rock Studio Technologies studio operations out of his home until 2015 when he formed Itchy Brain Recording.

Since returning to recording Steve’s Client list includes;  Otis Redding III,  Larry Griffith Band, Mauski Scales and The Common Ground Collective, The GMO’s, Magnolia Express, Elzig, Biggie and The Smalls, Kenny Kirby, The Good Time Horns, John “Lil’John” Roberts, April Ruffin, Ray DaFrico, The Andy Browne Troupe, BONZ (Stuck MOJO/420 Monks), Buck O’ Five, Candy Angel, Force of Habit, George E. Man Band, JAH Warriors, Jared Munday Project, Jonathan Druker, Luna and Sol, Makina Loca, Michael Allman and The Hard Labor Creek Band, Michael Jamsmith, Mystica, Segue, The Axis Experience, The Danny Kordz Adventure, The ISSUES, The Shawn Wilcox Band, Tony Wessels, Trombley Bay, Zen Circus, 1Love (Arrested Development), Speech, Short Dawg, Big Brinks, Deacon Da’Vilian (CunninLynguists), EZ B Greensocks, George Clinton, Young Noble, HeataMan, Kilo Ali, Pastor Troy, Misha Fair, Mista Pike, Slim De Leon, The Erin Hill Band, Matrix of Domination, A. London Arrington aka (Mr London) and many more.

With an in-depth knowledge of acoustics, analog signal paths, outboard gear, computer hardware and software, Steve is ready to use his knowledge of both analog and digital recording worlds to make the best records possible. Whether it’s an analog or digital recording Steve will ensure it will sound it’s best.